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The use of wood grain coated metal to make wine cooler panels can increase the aesthetics and durability
The use of wood grain coated metal to make wine cooler panels can increase the aesthetics and durability

To store alcoholic beverage or carbonated beverage, it is essential to have a wine cooler to keep our beverage in a perfect cold temperature. The temperature control function of the wine cooler or wine cabinet in the eyes of consumers, has gradually become the focus and mainstream of the market!
Does your family also have a wine cooler? The wine cooler panel can also be made from wood-grained laminated metal product, which is both beautiful and durable.

Why laminated metal is always used as a material for cabinets or wine coolers for novel and popular kitchen furniture?

The selection of laminated metal as the material for wine cooler panels can increase the aesthetics and durability.

Lienchy Metal's laminated metal not only satisfies practical needs, as its characteristics such as flame, moisture, mildew, rust and corrosion resisting, but also increases aesthetics of finish product. Specifically, wood grain or stone grain could make wine cooler more valuable and becomes the finishing point for interior space eventually.

In recent years, with the popularity of overall design style, the appearance of home appliances is classified as a key item in home decoration. The design of kitchen cabinets and wine coolers can promote visual aesthetic feeling. In order to show the smooth and bright appearance and product practicality, we recommend to apply Lienchy Metal's laminated metal products as the panel material for kitchen cabinets and wine coolers. In addition, it can extend the durable years of the base metal and has strong magnetic absorption characteristics. With the variety of decorative pattern lamination film, wine coolers which are made from laminated metal could become the focus and mainstream of the market!

Wine Cooler Panel Application
You can use Lienchy Laminated Metal's Laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel products to manufacture related products.
    The use of Metal's laminated metal product as a material for cabinets or wine coolers has several advantages:
  1. There are a variety of PVC patterns available in different color schemes to suit a variety of interior design needs and visual aesthetics.
  2. Embossed PVC film is attached to the metal to provide additional sound absorption and temperature insulation.
  3. PVC film can effectively resist air and moisture, reduce the speed of metal corrosion, and greatly increase the durability of laminated steel products.
  4. Excellent feeling of quality and beautify, very comfortable and smooth when touched, without the cold or rough feeling of metal.
  5. It has passed the strict anti-wear test and peeling force test of American leading home appliance brand with the high quality excellent performance manufacturer, and the quality is excellent.
  6. Strong manufacturing capabilities, the laminated steel products are produced in roll-to-roll, which can provide stable quality and mass production scale advantages.
  7. The laminated steel products comply 2nd grade incombustibility, which meets the flame retardant safety requirements for public sites. It is used as a decorative material for various kinds of building decorations.

Lienchy Laminated Metal is a leading manufacturer of laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel in Taiwan. For more detailed information of the high quality products, please refer to our product page to see if any suitable product for you.
Nevertheless, if you have any questions, please call us directly or fill out the online form below and our sales service specialist will contact you as soon as possible.

Lienchy's laminated meatal is packaged in coil or sheet (4' x 8' or customized size). Our products are supplied to the manufacturer of wine cooler panel. If you deem that our products are your ideal material, we suggest that you specify from your wine cooler panel supplier to purchase the laminated metal from Lienchy.

The color of the product on the screen and the actual product may have a slight color difference due to the matching of product photography and your display device. Please refer to the actual color of the product. If you have a sample request, please feel free to contact us.

Lienchy laminated metal steel products have been exported to all over the world where include Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, EU countries, UAE, Russia, Europe and America.

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Based in Taiwan, LIENCHY LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD., since 1992, is a Wine fridge panel provider | film-laminated steel & aluminum supplier. The product, including pre-coated steel, anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel and painted steel coil, which is suitable for electronics, elevator interiors, door panels, cold storage panels, modular panels, prefabricated interior fittings, automotive interiors, etc

We are capable of manufacturing 1.6mm-thick laminated panel with total production capacity that exceeds 50,000MT per year, is ISO 9001 certified, and meets SGS, RoHS and GREENGUARD standards. We are also capable of entering new sectors and supply to manufacturers of 3C devices, appliances, elevators, building materials, prefabricated unit bathrooms, marine/offshore accommodations.

Lienchy Laminated Metal has been offering customers high-quality anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel, painted steel coil and pre-coated steel, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Lienchy Laminated Metal ensures each customer's demands are met.

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