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We have served thousands of customers, produced numerous innovative and high-end products. / Lienchy Metal's main products are PVC coated/ laminated metal, AFP stainless steel and steel coils/ sheets, Laser cutting services, which are suitable for various indoor & outdoor decorations and home appliance cases.

Foreign clients visit Lienchy Metal's office

Case Study

We have served thousands of customers, produced numerous innovative and high-end products.

Lienchy Metal's clients come from different fields, and the demand for product specifications will also have different considerations due to function, appearance, or cost;
We regard these needs as important challenges, and we can always live up to their expectations and develop suitable metal products to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

Buyer: Furniture Factory

End Product: Stainless Steel Electronic Soap Dispenser


The electronic soap dispenser initially used SUS304 with a transparent coating. However, its original supplier, during the punching process, was faced with quality issue. For example, there are some small particles on the coating, air bubbles between the protective film and the coating layer. After stamping, air bubbles would leave irreparable marks on the transparent coating.


The manufacturer asked about Lienchy Metal'santi-fingerprint stainless steel products. We have been offering anti-fingerprint stainless steel products to the relevant manufacturers engaged in microwave ovens, washing machines and range hoods. We can do a sample testing in the light of the customer requirements.

We suggest customers do not use unprocessed Type 430 and Type 304 as the material near the sink. The unprocessed SUS430 and 304 are easy to leave the indelible marks. Most of the anti-fingerprint coatings based on polyester-based formulations, as time goes by, will transform on the surface of the products. Instead, through using LienChy acrylic anti-fingerprint coating, the stainless steel won't go through such transformation. We successfully achieve a goal of offering a cost-effective solution to our long-term clients.


Buyer: Elevator Factory

End Products: Elevator Door Panels and Cabinet


There is a customer in East Asia who urgently needs raw materials to produce products because its original supplier ends their business. This customer cannot help but turn to the local manufacturer to purchase the laminated steel plates. However, there is always a quality problem.


Because of our complete equipment, cutting-edge technology, and strict quality management, LienChy successfully offers the customer a durable and high-quality laminated metal solution.


Buyer: Home Appliance Manufacturers

End Product: Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances


Nowadays, fashionable kitchen appliances generally adopt many stainless-steel designs, but the non-mirror stainless steel on the surface is actually very rough and not easy to clean. Plus, with a cold feeling by hands, it truly reduces the users' experiential value.


In order to improve the texture of the product and the comfort for customers, they adopt Lienchy Metal's " anti-fingerprint stainless steel". A layer of loose oil and hydrophobic anti-fingerprint coating is pre-coated on the surface of the stainless steel, and then manufactured into the required structure. Then, Lienchy Metal offers a variety of colors to choose from, and makes more breakthroughs in product designs.


Buyer: Interior Decoration Co.

End Product: Indoor Building Materials


Before contacting Lienchy, the interior design company initially adopts the way of installing the metal plate and then manually attaches the film to the metal plate on site. Some structures of the objects such as the bends and the joints are difficult to deal with when they are being attached with the film by the technicians. Whether or not this on-site attaching method is successful depends on technician’s expertise and experiences. A technician should pay a close attention to every detail throughout every stage of the construction process, so it is time-consuming. The whole construction is easy to lose control of costs and quality.


After adopting the Laminated Metal from Lien Chy Metal, they asked the processing plant to shear the size and the shape of our steel plate by using CNC milling machine or laser cutting method. Plus, the processing plant uses the machine to bend and punch the steel plate they require. The size and the shape are not only precise but also economical.


Lien Chy Metal has a variety of product solutions, please refer to following practices:

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