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Diversified OEM production and customized services, our product can be applied in different fields, welcome to contact!

Since our establishment in 1992, Lienchy Metals has served thousands of customers for nearly 30 years. All customers can be satisfied with our product quality, delivery speed, and service attitude.

Our products are distributed in various industries, and we continue to innovate and make breakthroughs for the needs and problems of each industry, providing suitable solutions for different customers; Winning the trust and satisfaction of customers is our driving force to pursue progress.

Our Continuous Roll-to-Roll Bonding Tech and Process:

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The solutions provided by Lienchy Metal are as follows:

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Laminated metal
Laminated metal

Catalog of Laminated Metal products

Anti-Fingerprint Stainless (AFP)
Anti-Fingerprint Stainless (AFP)

Catalog of Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel products


Applications of laminated metal

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Interior Decorating Panels

When you undergo a renovation, customize your own products, design your sample styles, or worry about how to apply the steel plates. LienChy Metal offers...

Electronic devices & Home appliances

The appearance of a product represents a characteristic, a brand's image, texture and values. If we want to enter the high-class market, the product design...

Kitchen Storage & Decoration

Modern people attach great importance to the taste and beauty of the living space, so that the kitchen has transformed from a space which is only for cooking...

Stainless Steel Swimming Pools

In recent years, stainless steel/Laminated Metal sheets have become popular materials for swimming pools and landscape pools. Their excellent malleability...

Antifouling & Bacteriostatic Panels

When people come and go in hospitals and public areas, the most worrying thing is environmental safety and hygiene. Safety can be done by erecting cameras...

Food Storage Panels

Food safety is closely related to the national economy and international trade, and has been the focus of consumers and media in various countries for many...

Corrugated Stainless Steel Plates

Lienchy Metal's high-quality steel plates can be made into durable and weather-resistant corrugated stainless steel plates, which can be cut according...

Solar Panels

The technology of the solar energy industry is advancing day by day. Solar photovoltaic panels covering the roofs can be seen above many hoouses and factories....

Partial Coating Solutions

In some workpieces, some parts need to be conductive, while other parts need to be insulated. In terms of mechanism design, the fixed parts of the casing...

Case Study

Lienchy Metal's clients come from different fields, and the demand for product specifications will also have different considerations due to function,...

Result 1 - 10 of 10