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Partial coating steel, Pre-painted aluminum / Lienchy Metal's main products are PVC coated/ laminated metal, AFP stainless steel and steel coils/ sheets, Laser cutting services, which are suitable for various indoor & outdoor decorations and home appliance cases.

Partial baking paint is an innovative process technology that combines environmental protection and efficiency

Partial Coating Solutions

Partial coating steel, Pre-painted aluminum

In some workpieces, some parts need to be conductive, while other parts need to be insulated. In terms of mechanism design, the fixed parts of the casing may also be wires. The advantage is that it can save the space of the body, and can also exert actual functionality. Since Lien Chy Metal is adapting continuous production process, compared to screen printing or laser engraving, it can save a lot of coating and processing costs. Lien Chy Metal's partial coating is an innovative baking paint steel coil manufacturing process technology.

Can coils be partially coated?

In some cases, we will adopt the method of partial coating, for example, some special mechanism parts will use partially coated steel products. Some of these creative crafts are for appearance design, and some are for functional use

Generally, the pre-painted steel coil can be coated on both sides, while Lien Chy Metal can do one-sided coating. The purpose of laminating a layer of film or pre-painting to the metal is to add functionality to the metal, but we can do it on one-side surface

Our Advantage

Lien Chy Metal's partial coating technology adopts roll-to-roll production, and it can cut into sheets, using stamping and forming to make special-functional coated metal parts. The use of this technology in high-tech products can effectively avoid the waste and unnecessary loss of coating. It can also save the metal processing procedures. It is an innovative process technology that combines environmental friendly and efficiency

Are You Worried About Uneven Coating?

The products produced by Lien Chy Metal, whether it is pre-painted steel or laminated metal, both have good adhesion. In order to solve customers' defective rate, due to uneven coating, Lien Chy Metal checks the equipment, production process, raw material selection and other aspects, and combines our research on topcoat and roll-to-roll gluing technology, continue to create innovation and High-quality pre-painted steel and laminated metal

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