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Lienchy Metal specializes in the production of laminated metal and AFP SUS / Lienchy Metal's main products are PVC coated/ laminated metal, AFP stainless steel and steel coils/ sheets, which are suitable for various indoor & outdoor decorations and home appliance cases.

The leading manufacturer of coated steel and anti-fingerprint stainless

Company Profile

Lienchy Metal specializes in the production of laminated metal and AFP SUS

Lienchy Metal was found by Shun Shin Holdings in Longtan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1992, it has been the largest professional manufacturer of laminated steel and anti-fingerprint stainless steel in Taiwan.

We operates a roll-to-roll production line with a total length of 350 meters and an annual production capacity of more than 50,000 tons. The production line was designed and manufactured by Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. and Honda Foundry Co., Ltd. in Japan, and installed under the supervision of Taiyou Seikou. It is one of the few metal processing equipment for steel coils that can handle thicknesses up to 1.6mm.

The continuous roll-to-roll production line not only achieves better adhesion between the steel coil and the film but also increases production efficiency. Coupled with decades of accumulated film coating and baking experience, Lienchy Metal is able to manufacture high-quality laminated metal products that are strong, tough, and world-renowned.

The combination of film and metal sheet, as well as anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet coated with anti-fingerprint paint, can greatly enhance the aesthetics and service life of metal products. In addition to metal processing, Lienchy Metal also has self-developed ability to meet customization needs, ensuring that every customer can find a product that suits their needs.

Lienchy Metal is a long-term partner of EU and US home appliance brands and Japanese elevator factories. Our products have been exported to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, ASEAN countries, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Europe, and North America. You can find our high-quality decorative metal sheets in electronic appliances, elevator interiors, wall panels, door panels, freezer panels, modular panels, automotive interiors, and other products.

Company philosophy and vision

From the earliest metal cutting OEM to now becoming a manufacturer of laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel products, Lienchy Metal realizes that due to technological progress and the requirements for improving the quality of life, people's standards for technological products or daily necessities change from practical and convenient to meet daily needs to the pursuit of more refined and beautiful designs.

In view of this, Lienchy Metal has successively developed a series of laminated metal/ anti-fingerprint stainless steel products which are suitable for modern interior decoration such as door panels, clean room panels, car interiors, or Home appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, range hoods, computer cases, enhancing the value of the product because of its bright and fashionable appearance.

Years of experience in metal lamination have enabled Lienchy Metal to develop composite metal lamination technology, which has significantly reduced the cost of using high-priced metals. This breakthrough innovation has been crucial in expanding the supply of metal materials, making it more accessible and cost-effective.

Environmental protection is also a core value of Lienchy Metal, and we are committed to sustainable coexistence with the environment. We continuously improve our production processes with the goal of energy conservation and carbon reduction, while also developing new products in collaboration with suppliers that meet environmental protection requirements. As a responsible local enterprise and member of the global village, Lienchy Metal will continue to fulfill its obligations to the environment and society.


1992LCM was dedicated to developing steel trading, shearing, and slitting services.
1996LCM was established in Taoyuan, Taiwan production site with annual capacity of 50,000 MT.
1998LCM began to manufacture laminated and coating metal to be applied to construction, elevators, and other relevant industries.
1999LCM obtained ISO 9001 Certification.
2000LCM established Shanghai subsidiary.
2004LCM developed laminating technology for aluminum alloy for applications in computers, communications and consumer electronics.
2005LCM product passed SGS test, and conformed to RoHS standard.
2010LCM developed low-temperature lamination and rolled out various characteristics of products.
2012LCM developed proprietary anti-fingerprint resin for stainless steel that can be applied to many industries.
2016High-quality Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel─The New Black TM is launched.
2017LCM received certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management.
2018LCM rolled out PVDF weather resistance laminated steel series─LamiXteelTM.
2020LCM won "The Excellent Enterprise Awards in Taoyuan City" for the emerging enterprise prize.

Our Headquarters

Lienchy Laminated Metal is a leading manufacturer of pre-coated metal
Our Factory
Our Office & Outside the Factory

Introduction to production line equipment and production process; from steel coil pretreatment to cutting, coating, painting, laminating and other production processes using professional equipment for different purposes.

The production process of 4-feet steel sheet cutting through high precision flying shear machine.

The production process of 2-feet steel sheet cutting through high precision flying shear machine.

Cut small-sized steel sheets into smaller and more precise sizes through slitting machine.

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Company Profile
Company Profile

Introducing Lienchy Laminated Metal's products and services


We provide laminated metal and AFP stainless steel with good quality & bright appearance

Lienchy Metal has metal processing production lines with massive productivity and high-quality coating technology, the advantages of both quality and quantity have made Lienchy Metals a leading metal manufacturer in Taiwan since its establishment 30 years ago.

Great Processing Technology

Roll-to-roll production lines with an annual output of 50,000 metric tons and excellent coating technology are the keys to our success.

Stable and Beautiful Metal Sheets

Our product has passed many safety tests, and has a variety of colors and texture to meet the needs of each customer.

Reliable Sale Services

We provide professional suggestions and perfect packaging and transportation services to clients from all over the world.


Lienchy Metal has passed the ISO 9001 quality management certification, and our metal products have also passed the tests of various safety and environmental protection standards. We always supervise management and quality with the highest standards, providing clients with the best products and services.