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PVF/ PVDF outdoor laminated metal with high strength and tested under different outdoor conditions / Lienchy Metal's main products are PVC coated/ laminated metal, AFP stainless steel and steel coils/ sheets, which are suitable for various indoor & outdoor decorations and home appliance cases.

Lienchy Metal's Latest High-performance PVF/ PVDF Outdoor Film

PVF/ PVDF Outdoors Laminated Metal

PVF/ PVDF outdoor laminated metal with high strength and tested under different outdoor conditions

In response to the increasing market demand for high-strength films, Lienchy Metal has introduced PVF Laminated metals using DuPont's Tedlar® film, as well as PVDF-coated metals - LamiXteel EX25. These products offer superior performance compared to PVC laminated metals and other decorative construction materials.

It can provide excellent protection and durability with different metal substrates (GI, GL, AL, ZAM or other metal materials), and is suitable for various outdoor building materials such as roofs, photovoltaic module, chemical facilities, storage equipment, etc.

Product Features
  • Durability and easy maintenance
  • Flame resistance
  • Ease of processing - can be stamped, bent, punched, etc.
  • Corrosion resistance - withstands acids, alkalis, and chemical agents
  • Sun resistance (UV-resistant)
  • Mold resistance
Function Description

Weather-Resistant: Exposed outdoor environment for long period of time without color fading, also protect the substrate of material from ultraviolet rays
Chemical Resistant: High durability from various chemicals and solvents
Staining Resistant: Easy to clean and maintain
High Flexibility: Excellent workability, including bending and stretching
Excellent Abrasion Resistance and Electrical Insulation

Application product

Backblank for photovoltaic modules: Solar Panel Application
High-end Building Interiors: Clean Rooms, Food Storage Rooms, Freezer Board, Wall Decorative Panel
Architectural Planning: Outdoor and Medical Building Material, General Construction Materials(Roofs and Walls), Carports, Garage Door, Outer Sheath of Soundproof Walls of Highways, Petrochemical Construction Blank, Nuclear Power Plant Construction Blank, Signs and Billboards
Maritime Applications: Ship Compartment, Ship Door Panel, Ship Wall Panel(ship grade film)
Storage Equipment: Mail Box, Trash Can, Storage Box, Moisture-proof Box, Water Storage Tube, Protective Bags for Sound-absorbing Materials, Lining for Pipes and Tanks, Arcades, Carports
Safety Planning: Fire Door Panel
Car Application: Wall Coverings in Railway Cars, Automobile Interiors

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Package Method

We ship the product in coil or sheets, with customer assigned service, Lien Chy Metal will meet your expectation, like we always do, for more information, please refer to Protective Film and Package

Packaging and Shipping procedure of Lienchy Metal products

PVF/ PVDF Outdoors Laminated Metal

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Tedlar® PVF Outdoor Laminated Metal Series - Use PVF laminated metal to decorate exterior walls, beautiful and durable
Tedlar® PVF Outdoor Laminated Metal Series
Ultra-high performance PVF laminated metal for outdoor use

PVF laminated Metal offers durability in appearance and boasts fire resistance, UV resistance,...

PVDF Outdoor Laminated Metal Series - Appearance of LamiXteel EX25 - High-performance outdoor products
PVDF Outdoor Laminated Metal Series
PVDF Laminated metal, high-end solution for exterior wall fences, building materials and clean room

The LamiXteel EX25 has a 25-year design standard background and it is made by the Japan's fluorocarbon...

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Anti-Corrosion Steel Sheets Manufacturer | Lienchy Laminated Metal

Based in Taiwan since 1992, LIENCHY LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD. has been a laminated metal products manufacturer. Their main laminated metal products include, PVF/ PVDF Outdoors Laminated Metal, pre-coated steel sheet, PPGI, PPGL, PPAL, pre-painted steel sheet, pre-finished steel sheet, anti-fingerprint stainless steel, pvc laminated metal sheet, pvc coated metal sheet, pvdf laminated metal sheet, titanium coated stainless steel sheet, pre-painted metal sheet, coil steel sheet and titanium coated stainless steel sheet, which are produced with a 350M roll-to-roll production line and 50,000 tons annual production capacity.

Lienchy Metal is capable of manufacturing ISO certified 1.6mm-thick laminated steel sheets and meet SGS, RoHS and GREENGUARD standards. We are long-term partner of EU and US home appliance brands and Japanese elevator factories, our products have also been exported to all over the world, from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, ASEAN countries, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Europe and North America.

Lienchy Metal has been offering customers high-quality laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel products, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Lienchy Metal ensures each customer's demands are met.