Using laminated metal to decorate the elevator door panel and interior space can create the aesthetics and durability. / Anti-Corrosion Steel Sheets Manufacturer | Lienchy Laminated Metal

Application of laminated metal in elevators and escalators is both beautiful and easy to maintain / Lienchy Metal's main products are PVC coated/ laminated metal, AFP stainless steel and steel coils/ sheets, which are suitable for various indoor & outdoor decorations and home appliance cases.

Using laminated metal to decorate the elevator door panel and interior space can create the aesthetics and durability.

Elevator Interior Design

Application of laminated metal in elevators and escalators is both beautiful and easy to maintain

Laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel offer a variety of colors and surface treatments, combining aesthetics with durability, making them an ideal choice for decorating the interior walls and doors of elevators of commercial builings or private lifts in residential settings.

Laminated metal cleverly combines sturdy metal material with the flame-retardant and scratch-resistant PVC film, offering a range of colors and surface treatment options, creating stunning visual effects.

The anti-fingerprint stainless steel, on the other hand, uses high-quality stainless steel coated with a special anti-fingerprint paint, making the surface less prone to dirt accumulation. It not only presents a high-quality texture but is also easy to clean and maintain.

Lienchy Metal offers a variety of options with their laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel products, allowing for diverse choices in steel panels that seamlessly integrate with the original design language and decor styles of different buildings such as skyscrapers, malls, or residences.

Laminated metal plates in rich colors decorate the elevator space with a dazzling look

The elevator decorated with laminated metal, perfectly matches the decoration style.
The elevator decorated with laminated metal, perfectly matches the decoration style.

The laminated metal panels combine sturdy metal sheets with durable and fire-resistant PVC film, presenting an array of options including woodgrain, stone patterns, mirror finishes, and even patterns resembling leather textures. Not only does the film boast an outstanding appearance, but it also provides a three-dimensional texture, perfectly complementing various design aesthetics in elevator spaces.

Advantages of using laminated metal as elevator Wall panel:

  • Diverse Appearance:Offers a wide range of choices, including various metal color schemes that can meet the design needs of different indoor spaces, allowing for suitable selections for elevator designs.
  • Durable and Safe:Passes corrosion resistance and abrasion tests, and also possesses a fire-retardant certification, meeting high safety standards. The PVC film effectively isolates moisture, reducing the corrosion rate of metal panels, enhancing the elevator's durability.
  • Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic:The PVC film complies with RoHS standards, free from substances harmful to humans and the environment, reflecting a commitment to environmental protection and contributing to sustainability efforts.
  • Consistent Quality:Laminated metal produced on a continuous production line ensures stable quality that is resistant to peeling. Under regular maintenance, its lifespan can extend for several decades.

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel elevator wall panels, durable and attractive

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel uses high-quality stainless steel as its base and is coated with Lien Chy Metal's exclusive anti-fingerprint paint. It not only prevents dirt and grime from adhering but also adds an extra protection to the steel. Combined with surface treatment, it presents various metallic glosses and textures, suitable for public spaces like office buildings, department stores, or even enhancing the overall look of residences.

Advantages of using anti-fingerprint stainless steel as elevator wall panels:

  • High-quality metallic colors: Anti-fingerprint stainless steel offers not only the common metallic original colors but also tones like black, rose gold, champagne gold, etc. When combined with hairline texture or polished finish, it creates a visually appealing, sophisticated design.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: The surface of anti-fingerprint stainless steel elevator wall panels doesn’t easily attract fingerprints, oil stains, or water stains, requiring only light wiping to maintain a bright appearance, perfect for elevator spaces where people frequently come in and out
  • Robust and durable material: Passing various SGS tests, inculding salt spray test, abrasion test, etc. The hardness of anti-fingerprint stainless steel can reach up to 6H, ensuring resistance to rust and damage, providing exceptional durability
  • Environmentally friendly production: Anti-fingerprint stainless steel uses an eco-friendly water-based process and materials that comply with RoHS standards, containing no harmful substances to humans or the environment, aligning with the modern emphasis on environmental friendliness.
  • Stable quality: Manufactured on continuous production lines, anti-fingerprint stainless steel plates maintain consistent quality and can be produced in large quantities. With regular maintenance, their lifespan can extend for several decades.
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