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A Film Made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) With Approved Food Contact in the EU and the US / Lienchy Metal's main products are PVC coated/ laminated metal, AFP stainless steel and steel coils/ sheets, Laser cutting services, which are suitable for various indoor & outdoor decorations and home appliance cases.

Food Safe Transparent Film Combines Customized Color Coating Creates Versatile Products.

Food Safe Laminated Metal

A Film Made of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) With Approved Food Contact in the EU and the US

Food safe polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film with Lien Chy Metal laminated technology made it become the best solution for food processing plants. This food-safe PET film is allowed for food contact according to the latest version of EC Directive 1935/2004 and 10/2011 as well as FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1630. It complies with food safety certificates and offers excellent corrosion resistance and flexibility while also resisting stains, dirt, and cleaning products.

PET Food Contact Film Structure Layer
PET Food Contact Film Structure Layer

Product advantages and specifications

Product Features
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Easy clean Surface
  • Good resistance to chemicals and dertergents
  • Excellent robustness and formability
  • Smooth finish
Suggested Use:
  • Indoor uses : General food industry, freezer storage, cold storage warehouse, food processing area, cooking workplace and other food related.
  • Interior decoration : ceilings, wall panels, garages, rolling doors, storage rooms, partition panels, etc.

Food Safe PET Film Typical Properties:

UnitsValueTest MethodTest Conditions
Tensile StrengthN/mm²MD:200
ISO 527-1 and ISO 527-3 Sample type 2Test Speed 100%/min.;23°C,50% r.h.
Elongation at Break%


ISO 527-1 and ISO 527-3 Sample type 2Test Speed 100%/min.;23°C,50% r.h.
Young's ModulusN/mm²MD:4100
ISO 527-1 and ISO 527-3 Sample type 2Test Speed 1%/min.;23°C,50% r.h.
DIN 40634150°C,15 min.
Transparency%90ASTM-D 1003-61 method A-
Haze%48ASTM-D 1003-61 method AEnlarged measurement angle
Gloss-30DIN 67530Measuring angle 60°

MD=Machine Direction,TD=Transverse Direction

ItemNameReference StandardTest Result
AppearanceGlossJIS K 5400,ASTM D523Pass
Color differenceCIE1 976Lab,ASTM E313,ATM D2244See sample
Adhesive property (100 squares method)JIS K 5400,ASTM D3359Pass
Workability TestLamination property (Erichsen test)JIS K 6744,JIS B 7729,LCM spec.Pass
Bending propertyJIS K 6744,ASTM D4145Pass
Low temperature processing propertyJIS K 6744,ASTM D2671Pass
Durability TestChemical resistanceJIS K 6744Pass
Stain resistanceJIS K 5400,CNS 423,CNS 11312,CNS 2984Pass
Boiling water resistanceLCM spec.,JIS K 6744,ASTM D2485Pass
Abrasion resistanceASTM D4060Pass
Salt spray testJIS Z 2371,JIS K 8180,JIS Z8802Pass
Ultraviolet ray arc lamp testJIS A 1415,JIS K 6744Pass
Cold and hot water circulation testLCM spec.,JIS K 6744,ASTM D33359Pass

Test Report of Food Safe Laminated Steel:

No.Test ItemTest MethodTest Result
1Laminating Adhesion
  1. Making 11 parallel cuts that are 1mm apart on the surface and repeat the step at 90 degrees.
  2. Taping tightly the grid with 3M#610 Tape.
  3. Tear off the tape at a 90 degree angle.
3 times,without peeling-off
2Surface Hardness
  1. According to JIS5600/ASTM D3363,Put standard scaled pencil leads at 45 degree angle into the 750g pencil holder.
  2. Push the pencil holder away from yourself exerting enough force to scratch/mar the paint surface(proceed to a softer lead).Length of the strokes should be 10mm.
3Bending TestT-Bending 180°No Film breaks
4Erichsen TestPress in specimen6mm,4.0A

Sample Spec: Hot-dip Galvanised Steel Sheet 0.376T+3μm Coating+15μm Food Safe PET Film
Remarks:The product is typically used for the construction of walls and ceilings,it is not advisable for direct food preparation.

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Package Method

We ship the product in coil or sheets, with customer assigned service, Lien Chy Metal will meet your expectation, like we always do, for more information, please refer to Protective Film and Package

Packaging and Shipping procedure of Lienchy Metal products

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Based in Taiwan since 1992, LIENCHY LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD. has been a laminated metal products manufacturer. Their main laminated metal products include, Food Safe Laminated Metal, pre-coated steel sheet, PPGI, PPGL, PPAL, pre-painted steel sheet, pre-finished steel sheet, anti-fingerprint stainless steel, pvc laminated metal sheet, pvc coated metal sheet, pvdf laminated metal sheet, titanium coated stainless steel sheet, pre-painted metal sheet, coil steel sheet and titanium coated stainless steel sheet, which are produced with a 350M roll-to-roll production line and 50,000 tons annual production capacity.

Lienchy Metal is capable of manufacturing ISO certified 1.6mm-thick laminated steel sheets and meet SGS, RoHS and GREENGUARD standards. We are long-term partner of EU and US home appliance brands and Japanese elevator factories, our products have also been exported to all over the world, from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China, ASEAN countries, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Europe and North America.

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