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Cladded Metal Technology / Lienchy Metal's main products are PVC coated/ laminated metal, AFP stainless steel and steel coils/ sheets, Laser cutting services, which are suitable for various indoor & outdoor decorations and home appliance cases.

Cladded Metal Technology

Metal bonding technology (composite metal plate)

Lienchy Laminated Metal has developed a roll-to-roll metal bonding technology that can be used to bond different metals into a composite metal plate and has developed a composite function. The technology used by Lienchy Laminated Metal is a gluing technology that uses a self-developed paint to bond the two metals together after the baking process.

Composite metal sheets combine the desirable properties and properties of various metals and alloys into the material, resulting in finished products with superior quality and properties such as improved corrosion resistance, lower porosity, and better quality than individual metals or alloys. Formability.

Advantages of composite metal sheets:

Reduced material and manufacturing costs with lower porosity
Better formability
Industrial design flexibility
Better thermal conductivity and conductivity
Excellent corrosion resistance
Better appearance and better wear resistance

Composite metal sheets can be widely used in the following fields or industries:

Oil and gas
chemical processing
structure system
shipbuilding industry
household appliance manufacturing
air conditioning industry
metal processing industry
electronics industry