SECC package galvanized steel strip is in hot sale

SECC package galvanized steel strip is in hot sale

2019/01/15 LCM

The “packaged steel strip” made of high quality SECC galvanized steel is more durable and safer. Welcome to contact us!

Advantages of packing steel strip

It can be bundled with heavy objects and has the biggest difference with the general PET packing strip. Even if it is more than ton, such as steel and aluminum, heavy metal sheets or coils can be bundled firmly, easy to operate, and economical.

Characteristics of galvanized cold rolled package steel strip

The galvanized steel sheet SECC is plated with a zinc protective layer on the surface of a general cold-rolled steel sheet to protect the cold-rolled steel from oxidative corrosion and maintain the strength and longevity of the steel strip.

Application of packaged steel strip

It is suitable for packing solid and heavy items such as metal coils, metal steel plates, wooden boxes for export, etc. It is not suitable for use on fragile items. Because the steel strip is very tight during the packing and tightening process, it is easy to damage the packaged items. If it is a fragile item such as acrylic sheet, glass, carton, etc. Plastic steel belt is more suitable.

Packaged Steel Strip Specification

Packaged Steel Strip Specification


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LCM SECC package galvanized steel strip is in hot sale Introduction

Lienchy LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in customized pre-coated steel products manufacturer. LCM has been offering our customers high quality pre-coated steel, pre-painted steel, pre-finished steel, anti-fingerprint stainless, pvc laminated metal, pvc claded metal, PVDF laminated metal, titanium coated stainless steel, color steel, steel coils processing since 1992. With both advanced technology and 26 years experience, LCM always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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