Stainless Scratch Laminated Metal

Stainless Scratch Laminated Metal

Stainless Scratch Surface Applied in Sandwich Panel, Automotive, Kitchen Equipment Fields.

Lien Chy Metal Introduced Stainless Scratch Laminated Steel - INOXLOOKS
Lien Chy Metal Introduced Stainless Scratch Laminated Steel - INOXLOOKS
INOXLOOK Structure Layer
INOXLOOK Structure Layer

If you want the product looks like stainless steel with little requirements on surface hardness laminated on non-stainless-steel metals (such as: EG, GI, GL, AL).

INOXLOOK is a composite material, combining UV-painted PET film adhesive with various metal substrates. Introducing stainless scratch film, it can be smoothly laminate on different metal substrates.

INOXLOOK can effectively control the purchasing budget with anti-fingerprint surface effectiveness, unify the color presenting are its highlights.

The following graphics showing the layering description of INOX, and material details please refer to the structure diagram

Material Composition of Stainless Scratch:

(a)Hard Coating2~3UV CoatingAnti-scratch, Gloss effect
(c)Hairline1BrushedHairline effect
Metallic effect
(e)Primer2~3-Adhension with steel blank
Total Thickness-31~38--

Test Report of Stainless Scratch Laminated Steel:

No.Test ItemTest MethodTest Result
1Hard Coating Adhesion
  1. Making 11 parallel cuts that are 1mm apart on the surface and repeat the step at 90 degrees.
  2. Taping tightly the grid with 3M#610 Tape.
  3. Tear off the type at a 90 degree angle.
3 times, without peeling-off
2Surface Hardness
  1. According to JIS5600/ASTM D3363, Put standard scaled pencil leads at 45 degree angle into the 750g pencil holder.
  2. Push the pencil holder away from yourself exerting enough force to scratch/mar the paint surface(proceed to a softer lead). Length of the strokes should be 10mm.
Over HB
3Bending TestT-Bending 180°No Film breaks 0T
4Erichsen TestPress in specimen6mm/td>
5Boiling Water resistanceboiling water for 2 hoursNo Blisters/Rusting
6Chemical ResistanceAcid Resistance: Immerse in 5% water solution of acetic Acid
- Condition : 20℃ / 24horus.
No Blisters/Rusting, No Change in gloss/color
Alkali Resistance: Immerse in 5% water solution of sodium
- Condition : 20℃ / 24hours.
No Blisters/Rusting, No Change in gloss/color

Advantages of Stainless Scratch Laminated Steel

Excellent adhesion, ductility and machinability. Furthermore, it can still maintain the perfect integrity and appearance after the post-processing including punching, embossing, v-bending and 180 degree folding, this film is also fingerprint-proof, with various of options of metal substrates.


If you want to get more information about post-processing, please browse Laminated Metal 

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ItemNameReference StandardTest Result
AppearanceGlossJIS K 5400, ASTM D523Pass
Color differenceCIE1 976Lab, ASTM E313, ATM D2244See sample
Adhesive property (100 squares method)JIS K 5400, ASTM D3359Pass
Workability TestLamination property (Erichsen test)JIS K 6744, JIS B 7729, LCM spec.Pass
Bending propertyJIS K 6744, ASTM D4145Pass
Low temperature processing propertyJIS K 6744, ASTM D2671Pass
Durability TestChemical resistanceJIS K 6744Pass
Stain resistanceJIS K 5400, CNS 423, CNS 11312, CNS 2984Pass
Boiling water resistanceLCM spec., JIS K 6744, ASTM D2485Pass
Abrasion resistanceASTM D4060Pass
Salt solution spray testJIS Z 2371, JIS K 8180, JIS Z8802Pass
Ultraviolet ray arc lamp testJIS A 1415, JIS K 6744Pass
Cold and hot water circulation testLCM spec., JIS K 6744, ASTM D33359Pass

Package Method

We ship the product in coil or sheets, with customer assigned service, Lien Chy Metal will meet your expectation, like we always do, for more information, please refer to Protective Film and Package


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Over 26 Years Stainless Scratch Laminated Metal | Metal Surface Treatment Manufacturer - Lienchy Laminated Metal

Based in Taiwan, LIENCHY LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD., since 1992, is a Stainless Scratch Laminated Metal | metal surface treatment manufacturer. Main products include pre-coated steel, anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel and painted steel coil. Providing laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel solutions that is suitable for electronics, elevator interiors, door panels, cold storage panels, modular panels, prefabricated interior fittings, automotive interiors, etc

Lienchy Laminated Metal is capable of manufacturing ISO certified 1.6mm-thick laminated panel with total production capacity that exceeds 50,000MT per year, and meets SGS, RoHS and GREENGUARD standards. Laminated Metal, Pre-Coated Metal, and Anti-Fingerprint Stainless with new materials to create more brand-new and diverse applications.

Lienchy Laminated Metal has been offering customers high-quality pre-coated steel, anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel and painted steel coil, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Lienchy Laminated Metal ensures each customer's demands are met.

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