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PVDF pre-coated metal is a high quality outdoor weathering steel product

Lienchy Laminated Metal provides high quality weathering steel products
Lienchy Laminated Metal provides high quality weathering steel products

Solar power generation is a commonly used and effective method in renewable energy

According to the definition of the International Energy Agency's Renewable Energy Working Group, renewable energy refers to “the source of energy obtained from the natural processes that are continuously replenished”. Renewable energy refers to a variety of inexhaustible sources of energy, and rigorously, it is an energy that humans will not exhaust in their lifetimes. Renewable energy does not include current limited energy sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Renewable energy is energy from nature, such as solar energy, wind power, tidal energy, geothermal energy, etc. It is an inexhaustible source of energy. Solar power is one of the most effective ways for humans to access natural energy.

Laminated metal is a high quality outdoor weathering steel

The production technology of solar photovoltaic panels is still making progress. For polycrystalline germanium photovoltaic panels, the energy required for recycling should take about 3.5 years. For single crystal germanium photovoltaic panels, the energy required for recycling should cost about 0.5-1. Year, and the design life of solar panels is between 20-30 years. Therefore, in the protection of solar photovoltaic panels and chassis, the design requires the use of steel with strong weather resistance and structural strength, in order to help protect the use of solar photovoltaic panels and ensure the normal operation of solar power plants. Lienchy Laminated Metal has launched the LamiXteel series of outdoor weather-resistant steel products for the application of solar photovoltaic modules. It is effective and safe for the harsh environment that requires long-term high-temperature sun exposure, large temperature difference between day and night, and even high salinity. Countermeasures.

Advantages of the LamiXteel series of weather resistant steel products:

First, excellent weather resistance, long-term protection:
Using high-grade metal materials as the foundation, and then coated with specially developed high-quality weather-resistant coatings, it is easy to maintain, ensuring excellent protection and steel life, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments, such as solar power plants, offshore buildings, dry area.

Second, suitable for general metal processing methods, convenient and simple:
The weather-resistant steel products of Lienchy Laminated Metal have been tested for processing, and can be cut into strips, 180-degree bending, stamping, CNC milling, laser cutting … general sheet metal processing, surface coating can still be very Good draping ability will not be stripped. The design of the product can be perfectly presented.

Third, high quality products, competitive pricing:

Lienchy Laminated Metal's LamiXteel steel products can be supplied with suitable weather-resistant steel products according to customers' needs. Can be customized according to the needs of customers' products, helping customers to effectively reduce costs and gain market advantages and business opportunities.

Fourth, LamiXteel is the brand of Lienchy Laminated Metal:

In view of the uneven quality of outdoor weather-resistant steel products and the chaotic market price, Lienchy Laminated Metal has established the brand of LamiXteel in particular, and hopes to create a high-quality weathering steel standard in the industry. Lienchy Laminated Metal is a leading manufacturer of coated steel products. It is not only innovative in products, but also responsible for setting an example in the industry.

More application methods, composite multi-functional coated steel products:
In addition to excellent weather resistance, the LamiXteel series of steels can be combined with other functions to become a composite multi-functional coated steel. For example, the water tower used in dry areas can store water and resist wind and sun.

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