Titanium Coated Stainless Steel

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Titanium Ion Plating and Nano Ceramic Coating (NCC) Give Stainless Steel A Variety of Elegant Colors and Patterns / Highly customized research and development capabilities to help customers develop special-purpose pre-coated steel products.

Titanium Coated Stainless Steel

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Titanium Ion Plating and Nano Ceramic Coating (NCC) Give Stainless Steel A Variety of Elegant Colors and Patterns

DSP Titanium SUS Pass GreenGuard Certification
DSP Titanium SUS Pass GreenGuard Certification

The material characteristics and color of general stainless steel are often disappointed. Lienchy introduced DSP titanium stainless steel to greatly change people’s stereotypes of stainless steel. It uses physical vapor deposition (PVD) titanium ion coating and anti-fingerprint nano ceramic coating, which makes the surface of stainless steel present diversity and high quality.

DSP Titanium Stainless Steel (processing)
‧The world's latest leading aerospace technology PVD titanium ion coating, luxurious interpretation of perfect and consistent color.
‧Environmental Friendly: This series of products represent environmentally friendly materials. The whole process is pollution-free, and it has achieved innovative green technology and passed the GREENGUARD non-toxic certification of the United States.

DSP Titanium Stainless Steel Composite Plate
‧The titanium embossed stainless steel composite steel coil/steel product series have elegant patterns and diverse titanium colors, which are suitable for wall, ceiling, furniture and other decorations and other interior decorations.
‧This series of products can be pasted on various metal materials, such as galvanized copper plates, to improve the flexibility of materials.
‧This environmental friendly material is quite suitable for public areas and places that require a high degree of cleanliness.
‧It can be attached to wood or steel plate and applied outside kitchen furniture and interior decorations. The surface of the nano-ceramic multifunctional coating can be applied to kindergartens, schools, and hospitals.

What is titanium?

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a meteorological deposition coating method for depositing vaporized material into a target object by using a form of deposited vaporized material. PVD releases a positively charged titanium-containing molecule by applying a positive voltage titanium alkoxide target in a high temperature vacuum. In the vacuum chamber, a negative voltage is applied to the object to be coated, such as a stainless steel blank, and the negative voltage attracts the positively charged titanium molecules and is laid on the surface of the stainless steel blank. The PVD process has made significant contributions in a variety of fields, including automotive, electronics and other industries. PVD is an advanced surface treatment process that has grown rapidly in the field of surface treatment.

Titanium-blankd coating features:
  1. Film Hardness: DSP titanium blank product film hardness test with vickers hardness, 10 times the hardness of general stainless steel.
  2. Film adhesion strength: A blade mark of 2 mm width was drawn with a blade and the surface film layer was peeled off with a 3M tape. The titanium-coated titanium blank has no peeling on the surface.
  3. The impact test: Uses the DuPont impact machine to impact the 1 kg steel ball from a position of 50 cm high. The surface of the DSP titanium-blankd has no discoloration or visually noticeable damage. Ion coated DSP titanium blank - hardness (HV): 2250 stainless steel sus304 - hardness (HV): 150 ~ 170
  4. Anti-wear: Using SUGA wear test machine has 500g pressure using an eraser to wipe back and forth 200 times, 0.5 micron The titanium blankd ion film is not damaged or peeled off.
  5. Wear-resistance: Hardness is measured by the Kuremence wear tester, and the wear resistance of the titanium-coated titanium ion plating film is more than three times that of the chemical coating. Ion coated DSP titanium blank - wear resistance (N): 15.7N Chemical coating wear resistance (N): 4.9N
  6. Artificial sweat test: Ion coated sheet soaked in artificial sweat of pH 4.5 (JIS LO 848) Eight hours, then as for 16 hours at room temperature.
    • DSP titanium blank/ gold - anti-sweat corrosion: results - no change
    • Copper - anti-sweat corrosion: results - porous hole corrosion / multiple corrosion
  7. Anti-humid corrosion: DSP titanium blank placed at 50°C and 98% humidity When the environment was 500 hours, there was no rust or color change.
Product specification
product photo
Blank Thickness1.2t1.5t1.5t1.5t1.2t1.2t
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product nameVERNOX
product photo
finishingmeshmicro chessshine deltabrushmeshmicro chessshine deltabrush
Blank Thickness1.26t1.26t
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Please refer to the actual color of the product. If you have any requirement of sample, please send an inquiry to us.

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