Anti-fingerprint(AFP) stainless steel (Imitation Titanium Coated Stainless)

Anti-fingerprint(AFP) stainless steel (Imitation Titanium Coated Stainless)

Anti-fingerprint color coated stainless steel is better than titanium blankd in appearance and durability.

Colored anti-fingerprint stainless steel promote the texture of metal for a new visual experience.
Colored anti-fingerprint stainless steel promote the texture of metal for a new visual experience.
Comparison of stainless steel and anti-fingerprint(AFP) stainless steel.
Comparison of stainless steel and anti-fingerprint(AFP) stainless steel.

The coating of anti-fingerprint stainless steel products by Lienchy produce which using a high-tech coating to improve the fingerprint and corrosion resistance of stainless steel. These products have passed by the SGS test and RoHS standard, and meets the environmental protection requirements of Europe and the United States. Based on it has more advantages including a load of 750g, hardness of 2H and passed by the salt spray resistance of more than 1000 hours. In 2019, we have developed the anti-fingerprint NCC finish stainless steel product with better performance. Because the product has an extra nano-coating that includes more resistant to grease, chemical solvents, hardness of 6H and passed by the salt spray resistance of more than 1500 hours, so we called anti-fingerprint NCC stainless steel is Imitation titanium coated stainless. You can enjoy the quality that exceeds the titanium plating performance of the products at an affordable price.

About the color of the anti-fingerprint stainless steel has original color of stainless steel, black, champagne gold, tungsten black and rose gold. If you need another color on it that you can tell us about your requirement.

Perhaps you might have some experience about leaved the fingerprints on stainless steel when you touched the surface. Once the fingerprint left on the surface that you'll find it hard to clean. If you want the goods easy to clean that Anti-fingerprint stainless steel is very suitable. It also has other features like grease resistance, difficult etiolation, hardness of 2H/ 6H. The anti-fingerprint stainless steel offen use to interior applications. The AFP-SUS Finish NCC stainless steel produce by Lienchy laminated metal with nano resin can use in the outdoor field.

Our customers often use anti-fingerprint stainless steel in appliance and elevator industry.

Test NameReference StandardsAFP-SUS SeriesAFP-SUS Finish(Grease Resistant)
Pencil Gouge/ Scratch HardnessASTM D3363-00/ JIS 56002H6H
Salt Solution Spray TestASTM B117-09/ JIS Z 23171000hrs↑1500hrs↑
Solvent ResistanceJIS K 6744No Defect after MEK 100 timesNo Defect after MEK 300 times
Bending(180°)JIS K 6744/ ASTM D145PassPass
ImpactASTM D4145PassPass
AdhesionJIS K 5400/ ASTM D3359100/100100/100

Steel Product Structure

Steel Product Post Processing Method

Anti-fingerprint Processing-EmbossAnti-fingerprint Processing-V BendingAnti-fingerprint Processing-180° FoldingAnti-fingerprint Processing-Laser Cutting
EmbossV Bending180° FoldingLaser Cutting

Anti-fingerprint Processing-StampingAnti-fingerprint Processing-V CuttingAnti-fingerprint Processing-180° FoldingAnti-fingerprint Processing-Printing
StampingV Cutting180° Foldingprinting

Steel Products Protective Film Option

Our coated steel products and painted steel products will be coated with a protective film to protect our steel products, avoiding the damage and fouling of PVC film or anti-fingerprint painted surface affected by external forces during processing. It is still in perfect condition after various processing procedures and assembly to complete the final product.

Steel Products Protective Film Type

Transparent Protective Film
The protective film of the transparent protective film is made of polyethylene (PE), which is translucent and can directly visualize the substrate. Generally available for processing, commonly used thickness of about 0.08mm, suitable for coated metal, anti-fingerprint stainless steel and painted steel coils.
Fiber Laser Cutting Protective Film
The protective film is made of Polyolefins, one side is black and one side is gray, completely covering the substrate. Suitable for laser cutting, commonly used thickness of about 0.1mm, suitable for coated metal, anti-fingerprint stainless steel and painted steel coils.

Steel Product Package Type A: Coil / B: Blank

Product Package

ItemWidthLengthTorrlenceInside Diameter
blank200-1250 mmAny Spec.±1 mm--
Coil58-1250 mmAny Spec.±0.5 mm508 mm
Base MetalCR, SECC, SGCC, AL, AL/MG, SU, Other metal0.286-1.6 mmAccording to JIS
Surface LayerPVC,PET+PVC,PP,PVC+PP,PVF0.05-0.25 mm±0.04 mm


  • Anti-fingerprint adhesion, easy to clean, durable and easy to maintain
  • 2H hardness, good scratch resistance
  • Resistance to acid and alkali, good scratch resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance
  • Non-toxic, mildewproof, special environmentally friendly material
  • Color diversification

Product specifications

  • Color painted color: trend black, tungsten steel black, champagne gold, rose gold
  • stainless steel substrate: sus 304, sus 316, sus 430
  • Surface treatment recommendations: hairline (brushing), No.4, No.5
  • Substrate thickness: 0.3 ~ 1.6 mm
  • blank width: less than 1300 mm
  • Production specifications: coils, blanks (can be cut according to customer specifications)

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Result 1 - 7 of 7


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Anti-fingerprint(AFP) stainless steel (Imitation Titanium Coated Stainless) Supply | Lienchy Laminated Metal

Based in Taiwan, LIENCHY LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD., since 1992, is a coated steel product supplier and manufacturer. The main products include pre-coated steel, anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel and painted steel coil, which is suitable for electronics, elevator interiors, door panels, cold storage panels, modular panels, prefabricated interior fittings, automotive interiors, etc

We are capable of manufacturing 1.6mm-thick laminated panel with total production capacity that exceeds 50,000MT per year, is ISO 9001 certified, and meets SGS, RoHS and GREENGUARD standards. We are also capable of entering new sectors and supply to manufacturers of 3C devices, appliances, elevators, building materials, prefabricated unit bathrooms, marine/offshore accommodations.

Lienchy Laminated Metal has been offering customers high-quality anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel, painted steel coil and pre-coated steel, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Lienchy Laminated Metal ensures each customer's demands are met.

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