Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study

Lienchy Laminated Metal helps customers to improve the technical and quality problems of metal coating and pre-painting, effectively reducing costs and improving stability.

Lienchy Metal Customers
Lienchy Metal Customers
Lienchy Laminated Metal achieves a win-win situation with customers in various ways
Lienchy Laminated Metal achieves a win-win situation with customers in various ways

Case study for Anti-Fingerprint stainless steel (AFP-SUS)

The end customer is a large US consumer product company. The final product is an electronic soap dispenser manufactured by an EMS partner. Stamping is done by a Japanese stamping house located in Mexico. The material is purchased through a Japanese steel trading house.

The electronic soap dispenser originally used sus304 with clear coating. However, the stamping house had difficulties with their original supplier with quality issues such as small particles in the coating layer, and air bubbles between the protective film and coating. After stamping, the air bubbles would leave unrepairable marks on the clear coating.

The Japanese steel trading house found Lienchy on the internet and sent us an inquiry for our anti-fingerprint stainless steel product. We explained advantages of our products and sent samples for the customer to perform testing. Since we already have existing customers using our anti-fingerprint stainless steel products in microwaves, washing machines, kitchen range hoods on regular basis, we were able to supply production samples in the exact thickness and size requirement for testing. We were able to offer a small batch sampling (100pcs) as well.

AFP or no AFP?

Because of the less-than-satisfactory experiences with the previous supplier, the end customer initially had some doubts about using anti-fingerprint coated stainless steel. We advised customer against using bare 430 or 304 for accessories near the sink area. Bare sus430 and 304 material will smudge easily and these smudges are difficult to remove. With our acrylic coating, the stainless steel will not become yellowish over time as it is often the case with polyester coating, or bare stainless steel. Most anti-fingerprint coating available on the market uses polyester-based formulation. We are receiving more and more inquiries for anti-fingerprint coated stainless steel products. We believe AFP-coated stainless steel is a trend to stay.

sus304 or sus430?

sus304 price is more volatile due to its nickel composition. With global demand for electric vehicles and energy storage batteries, although still relatively low at the moment, nickel price will continue to rise (see below for LME Nickel chart) and hence sus304 price. Although still affected by rising sus304 price, sus430 price is more stable. Additionally, with our AFP coating, sus430's corrosion and chemical resistance increases, and become very good alternative to sus304. Our AFP-SUS430 has been used in Japanese washing machines. Given the harsh working environment of a washing machine (water and detergent), it shows the durability of our anti-fingerprint stainless steel product.


Without a small batch (100pcs) sampling, the consumer products company approved the switch of supplier and placed a production order with our antifingerprint stainless steel sus430 to replace clear coated sus304. We have our own slitting and shearing facility so we can supply sheet size directly to the stamping house.

In this case, the customer successfully replaced the problematic material with our product, and made significant savings in material cost by replacing sus304 with sus430 because with our anti-fingerprint coated sus430 have superior anti-corrosion properties. We provide a product that is superior in performance and cheaper cost than the original material.

Since its establishment 26 years ago, Lienchy Laminated Metal has accumulated many innovative products and loyal customers. In each of the challenges, most of Lienchy can afford to help develop steel products that meet customer needs. There are many reasons for Lienchy Laminated Metal to develop steel products of different specifications. Some are quality problems, some are functional requirements, some are appearance improvements, and some are designed to reduce production costs.

Customer case from the elevator industry:
Mr. A was originally a customer of Lienchy in Taiwan. He always used Lienchy Laminated Metal veneered steel plate to make elevator door panels and car wall panels. Later, Mr. A must end for some reason. The branch business of Shenzhen, China, returned the processed molds to customers in the mainland. In order to continue production, mainland customers also switched to buying leather sheets in the mainland, but there were always problems in quality that could not be overcome. So please ask Mr. A to retrieve the Lienchy Laminated Metal to assist in the processing, and hope to use the high quality coated steel products of Lienchy Laminated Metal to improve the product yield.

Customer case from the home appliance industry:
Mr. B is a well-known brand home appliance manufacturer, producing many kitchen electrical appliances. Because the current kitchen appliances use many stainless steel designs, the non-mirror stainless steel surface is actually very rough, very Not easy to clean, and the touch is very cold, the user experience is compromised. In order to improve the texture of the product and the comfort of the customer, the anti-fingerprint stainless steel product of Lienchy Laminated Metal is pre-coated with a layer of oleophobic and hydrophobic anti-fingerprint coating on the surface of the stainless steel, and then mechanically processed into the required structure. And Lienchy Laminated Metal offers a variety of colors to choose from, and there are more breakthroughs in product design. Lienchy Laminated Metal's anti-fingerprint stainless steel products can be used in the appearance, panel or structure of home appliances, with water repellent, easy maintenance, and extended product life.

Customer case from interior decoration:
Mr. C is an interior design and decoration engineering company. Before contacting the metal products of Lienchy Laminated Metal, the metal plate is installed first, and then manually applied by manual method. Manual manual filming is very professional and experienced by construction technicians. It is easy to film failure in the face of different structures such as bends or joints, and it will greatly increase the man-hours of construction. The quality or cost of the entire construction is easily lost. Now, after using Lienchy Laminated Metal's veneer steel, please ask the professional manufacturer to assist in the CNC milling machine or laser cutting method to cut the required steel plate size and shape, and bend or punch the machine to the required structure. The size is accurate and economical. After using the laminated steel of Lienchy Laminated Metal, Mr. C often proposed a more competitive plan when faced with the proposal of medium and large-scale construction.

    Lienchy Laminated Metal has a wide range of product solutions, please refer to our approach.

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LCM has been offering customers high-quality anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel, painted steel coil and pre-coated steel, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, LCM ensures each customer's demands are met.

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