Antimicrobial & Anti-Fingerprint Steel Coating

Antimicrobial & Anti-Fingerprint Steel Coating

HVAC, Ductwork, server rooms, food service, hospitals, appliances, electronic device panels

Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint Coating to resist the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungi
Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint Coating to resist the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungi
Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint Structure Layer
Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint Structure Layer

What Is Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint Coating?

Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint coating Lien Chy Metal has rolled out is an organic and inorganic compound. We add sliver ions into nano ceramic anti-fingerprint resin. After the coating and baking process, enclosed silver ions will be evenly released to the surface of the treated stainless steel in which they can resist the growth of microbes.

Lien Chy's Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint Coating indeed inhibits the growth of bacteria and microbes. This high-tech stainless-steel coating can be widely utilized in the related industries, such as food, hospital (soap dispensers and operating rooms), household appliance (refrigerators and kitchen utensils), and building (elevators), etc.

LCM Coating vs. Other Brands

PropertiesLCMOther Brands
Coating Adhesion

Depends on roll-to-roll coating layer, and its thickness roughly 4+-1 μm
(JIS K 5400/ASTM D3359)

 Depends on its conditions on the surface before being processed
Coating DurabilityDepends on metal conditions before being manufactured.Varies according to the coating adhesion, or the level of coating distribution
Coating Hardiness

Tested by 6H pencil hardness scale with 750g
(JIS 5600/ASTM D3363 standards)

B-HB pencil scale typically
Chemical ResistanceNano ceramic anti-fingerprint tested by 5% H2S04 and NaOH above 24 hrs at least
Nano ceramic based (ASTM D1308)
Varies according to the coating adhesion or the level of coating distribution. The coating is mainly based on acrylic.
FormabilityPlease refer to theproduct processingLimited by coating adhesion and hardness of coating
AppearanceEvenly distributed & transparent but matt colorsVaries because of its ways of coating

2 Effects in 1 Coating

Lien Chy Metal's Nano Ceramic Anti-Fingerprint Coating products are widely used in the appliance sector of the U.S. and Europe, and its advantages, including anti-grease, anti-yellowing, anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistant, make this high-tech technique become increasingly popular in these regions.

Lien Chy's professional and specialized R&D team develops the 2 effects in 1 coating that can be widely utilized in a wide range of application products.

Case Presenting

Lien Chy's Antimicrobial & Anti-fingerprint Coating layer is compound material. We add sliver ions into nano ceramic anti-fingerprint resin. By coating and baking process, silver ions will be distributed across the surface of coating that can prevent bacteria, microbes, fungi, and molds from surviving. Besides, this coating also has the anti-fingerprint and anti-grease effect.

Product Processing

Anti-fingerprint Processing-EmbossAnti-fingerprint Processing-V BendingAnti-fingerprint Processing-180° FoldingAnti-fingerprint Processing-Laser Cutting
EmbossV Bending180° FoldingLaser Cutting

Anti-fingerprint Processing-StampingAnti-fingerprint Processing-V CuttingAnti-fingerprint Processing-180° FoldingAnti-fingerprint Processing-Printing
StampingV Cutting180° FoldingPrinting

Application Presenting

SGS Test Report

Conducted in Resisting the Growth of Bacteria according to ISO 22196: 2011 Standards

Organism: Escherichia Coli

Test Result Passed

Bacterial inhibition is 99.98%.

If you need detailed document for reference, please contact us.

Package Method

We ship the product in coil or sheets according to customers assigned service. Lien Chy Metal will assist our customers as possible as we could. For more information, please refer to Protective Film and Package.


  • Easy to clean and better durability
  • Nano Ceramic Coating: 6H hardness with grease resistance
  • Non-toxic, mildewproof, and environmentally-friendly materials
  • Applied to rectangular ductwork to resist the growth of bacteria, molds, and fungi
  • Applied to residence and commercial kitchen
  • Applied to hospitals and medical offices

Product specifications

  • The coating color: Transparent but matte and glossy


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Over 26 Years Antimicrobial & Anti-Fingerprint Steel Coating | Metal Surface Treatment Manufacturer - Lienchy Laminated Metal

Based in Taiwan, LIENCHY LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD., since 1992, is a Antimicrobial & Anti-Fingerprint Steel Coating | metal surface treatment manufacturer. Main products include pre-coated steel, anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel and painted steel coil. Providing laminated metal and anti-fingerprint stainless steel solutions that is suitable for electronics, elevator interiors, door panels, cold storage panels, modular panels, prefabricated interior fittings, automotive interiors, etc

Lienchy Laminated Metal is capable of manufacturing ISO certified 1.6mm-thick laminated panel with total production capacity that exceeds 50,000MT per year, and meets SGS, RoHS and GREENGUARD standards. Laminated Metal, Pre-Coated Metal, and Anti-Fingerprint Stainless with new materials to create more brand-new and diverse applications.

Lienchy Laminated Metal has been offering customers high-quality pre-coated steel, anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel and painted steel coil, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Lienchy Laminated Metal ensures each customer's demands are met.

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