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Lienchy Laminated Metal combines color and metal to let the elegant design of taste and taste hide the firm personality .
Lienchy Laminated Metal combines color and metal to let the elegant design of taste and taste hide the firm personality .

Laminated metal is a beautiful, sturdy and safe decorative building material

What are decorative building materials? What kinds of decorative building materials are there?

Decorative building materials are divided into two parts, one is outdoor materials and the other is indoor materials. The indoor materials are subdivided into five types: solid materials, plate materials, sheet materials, profile materials and wire materials. General family interior decoration materials can be divided into wall materials, floor materials, decorative lines, top materials and fasteners, connectors and adhesives and other five categories.

Lienchy Laminated Metal combines color and metal to let the elegant design of exquisite taste hide the firm personality.

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel (AFP SUS) can also be used in elevator car or cab interiors. The anti-fingerprint coating makes the stainless steel surface easy to clean and maintain. 3H or higher scratch resistance and 2000 hours of salt spray resistance make the stainless steel elevator car or cab interior always as bright as new. Anti-fingerprint stainless steel can also be custom-made in unique color, showing the similarity to the luxury of vacuum-plated titanium stainless steel. Color-coated anti-fingerprint stainless steel is an economical innovative product that can replace titanium-plated stainless steel.

The high-quality laminated steel products invented by Lienchy Laminated Metal can provide you with better solutions.

Application range of laminated metal products:

Lienchy Laminated Metal's high-quality laminated metal products are often used in wall materials, decorative lines or top materials, such as ceilings, hanging panels, grilles, skirting boards, siding, and are often used in indoor elevators and wine coolers, kitchen furniture, etc. They can be fully combined with aesthetics and practicality.

The laminated metal sheet can be applied to the interior and exterior doors of the elevator car. A variety of surface laminated films create a wide range of situations and atmospheres. Many of the simulated wod grain films and stone texture films are perfectly performed on the laminated metal proudcts.

The advantages of Lienchy Laminated Metal as decorative building materials: The majority of the interior decoration materials are mostly made of wood or plastic. The high-quality laminated steel products invented by Lienchy Laminated Metal can provide you with better solutions.

Enhance household safety

Lienchy Metal's laminated products attach a layer of plastic film (PVC, PET, PVDF film) on the base metal.

The films are flame-resistant class 2 materials, which is surface spread of flame. Besides, the metal does not burn. Therefore, they are widely used in fire doors, ceilings, siding and other applications. Compared with wood or plastic materials, they can greatly enhance the safety of household.

An aesthetically pleasing visual and tactile experience

Generally, the tactile feeling of metal is cold and no temperature. The laminated metal breaks the impression of that, with rich and individual styles, such as wood grain, stone and sand texture, or multiple wonderful design patterns, to easily create a variety of design styles. And the tactile feeling of the lamination film is similar to the general decorative material, comfortable and soft.

Anti-moist, anti-insect, non-deformable

Lienchy Metal's laminated metal will not swell or deform under the humid environment. Due to its no-moth-eaten characteristics, can maintain the integrity of the structure and improve durability. If the base metal is made of stainless steel, it can effectively increase the durability years and the ability of waterproof and corrosion resistance.

Sturdy and durable, strong and not easy to damage or break

Plastic products over time are easy to crack, wood products over time are easy to decay. Compared with plastic and wood products, the laminated metal products have better structural strength and impact resistance. People who have heard the story of "Three Little Pigs" knows to build a house should be strong and durable, not in a cheap and rapid way. Lienchy Metal’s laminated metal is an efficient solution for you.

Convenient construction and better quality

Most of the interior decoration is done by manual coating after the construction of the structure. The general surface is no problem, but it is difficult to construct at the turning point. The causes of undesirable lamination mostly are occurred here, such as, poor adhesive ability of the laminated film. On the other hand, it will increase a lot of manual processing hours. Lienchy Metal’s laminated products can be preprocessed including shearing and cutting, punching and stamping, 180 degree bending, etc. After the fabrication process stage, our product still has excellent adhesion. Moreover, it is eligible for a large number of constructions, which can reduce a lot of costs.

Easy to maintain, Long-lasting

Lienchy Metal's laminated metal products select the lamination film and coating much more rigorously. Our product has a superior quality with very low defect rate. Its maintenance is also very simple, usually as long as the wipe of clean water can keep clean. If there is a slight scratch on the surface, use hot wind to blow gently or hot water to wipe softly. With the principle of plastic shrinkage in heat, to restore or repair the surface of the film. Using for a long time can still retain the original color and texture of film.

Lienchy Metal's laminated products are used in interior decoration and can be used in the following situations:

door panels, fire doors, roller doors, garages, cabinets, wine cabinets, ceilings, wall surfaces, storage tanks, freezer, toilet door panels, compartments, indoor elevators, cranes board, aluminum grille ceiling...etc.

Photo Gallery

  • Wall Panel - Replacing wooden siding with wood-coated metal can increase decorative and durability
    Wall Panel
    Wallboard, decorative wall, wood grain, paneling, wall mounted, Wall art

    Could we only choose wallpaper or paint as wall decoration material?

  • Door Panel - Replacing wooden door panels with wood-coated metal can increase decorative and durability
    Door Panel
    Interior door panels, Interior doors, Raised panel, Fire doors, Metal doors

    Do you know the interior door panel or the security door panel can be made of wood grain laminated steel product? Not only is it beautiful, but the metal is more durable. Just choose it!

  • Light Steel Frame Ceiling - The use of coated metal to make ceilings adds decorative and durability
    Light Steel Frame Ceiling
    Fire-Resistant Ceiling, Waterproof Ceiling, Laminated Metal Ceiling, Wood Grain Ceiling

    Do you always use the same material for the Ceiling and Light Steel Frame?

  • Partition Panel - Use of laminated metal to create office compartment screens for added decorative and durability
    Partition Panel
    Office partition wall, Partition board, Workstation Partition, Bath partition with metal, Toilet partition, Waterproof partition, Fire-resistant partition

    Who said that the partition and cubicle walls in office only has a monotonous color to choose from? It can be made of wood grain or metallic pre-coated laminated metal, and the eco-friendly working environment improves the work efficiency. The application with Lienchy Metal's laminated products for office cubicles combine aesthetics and practicality.

  • Grille Ceiling - The use of laminated metal for grille ceilings adds decorativeity and durability
    Grille Ceiling
    Fire-resistant ceiling, Waterproof ceiling, Laminated metal ceiling, Wood grain ceiling

    Lienchy Metal's product is perfectly applicable for the grille ceiling. It possesses the characteristics of resistance to corrosion and insects, and easy maintenance. Wood grain laminated metal are popular for grating ceilings. Although the wooden grille ceiling has natural wood texture, the wood grain laminated metal extremely excels in maintenance and durability. Its characteristics enable users without worries about moisture, mildew and moth-eaten. For example, in a damp environment, wood products are prone to moisture deformation and may even be at risk of insects. The use of laminated metal as a material can effectively avoid these risks. Furthermore, Lienchy Metal’s wood grain laminated metal has high quality performance in simulating the color and texture of wood, which can reduce felling a forest in order to attain protecting natural environment. The use of laminated metal for grille ceilings creates decorativeness and durability

  • Elevator - The use of coated metal to decorate the elevator door panel can increase the aesthetics and durability
    Elevator lift, escalator, elevator car, car elevator, undergroung garage lift

    Laminated Metal is also known as pre-painted color steel in the elevator industry.

  • Garage Door - Wood grain coated metal decorative garage roll door can increase aesthetics and durability
    Garage Door
    Steel garage door, Roll up door, Metal garage door, White garage door, Woodg rain garage door, Roll-up garage door, Fire-resistant garage door, Weather-resistant garage door, UV-resistant garage door

    Hot dip galvanized steel and Zinc aluminum alloys steel are commonly used as the substrate for garage doors. Laminating the PVC film on the steel is beautiful and durable and perfect for indoor garage door use. For outdoor use, we recommend PVDF film which can be laminated on the base metal as its weather-resistant and anti-ultraviolet feature. PVDF laminated metal can extend the durability of garage doors.

  • Freezer Decor Panel - The use of coated metal to make a freezer plate can increase the aesthetics and durability.
    Freezer Decor Panel
    Sandwich panel, Salinized steel plate, Food storage panel, Frozen doors & modular panel

    There is another name "salinized steel plate" for freezer plate.

  • Sandwich Panel - The use of coated metal to make clean room library can increase the aesthetics and durability
    Sandwich Panel
    Cleanroom panel, Sandwich panel, Anti static panel, Aluminum honeycomb panel

    In high-tech company's biotechnology, industrial cleanroom, factory compartment, the modular panel (salinized steel palte) is often made of plain color laminated metal to meet the requirements of the cleanroom's flame resistance level or anti-static function.

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Interior Decorating Solutions | Film-Laminated Steel & Aluminum Manufacturer | Lienchy Laminated Metal

Based in Taiwan, LIENCHY LAMINATED METAL CO., LTD., since 1992, is a Interior Decorating Solutions provider | film-laminated steel & aluminum supplier. The product, including pre-coated steel, anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel and painted steel coil, which is suitable for electronics, elevator interiors, door panels, cold storage panels, modular panels, prefabricated interior fittings, automotive interiors, etc

We are capable of manufacturing 1.6mm-thick laminated panel with total production capacity that exceeds 50,000MT per year, is ISO 9001 certified, and meets SGS, RoHS and GREENGUARD standards. We are also capable of entering new sectors and supply to manufacturers of 3C devices, appliances, elevators, building materials, prefabricated unit bathrooms, marine/offshore accommodations.

Lienchy Laminated Metal has been offering customers high-quality anti-fingerprint coating stainless steel, painted steel coil and pre-coated steel, both with advanced technology and 26 years of experience, Lienchy Laminated Metal ensures each customer's demands are met.

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