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Laminated metal is a beautiful, sturdy and safe decorative building material

Lienchy Laminated Metal combines color and metal to let the elegant design of taste and taste hide the firm personality .
Lienchy Laminated Metal combines color and metal to let the elegant design of taste and taste hide the firm personality .

What is decorative building materials? What kinds of decorative building materials are there?

Decorative building materials are divided into two parts, one is outdoor materials and the other is indoor materials. The indoor materials are subdivided into five types: solid materials, plates, sheets, profiles and wires. General home interior decoration materials can be divided into five categories: wall materials, floor materials, decorative lines, top materials and fasteners, connectors and adhesives.

Application range of coated steel products:

Lienchy Laminated Metal's high-quality coated steel products are often used in wall materials, decorative lines or top materials, such as ceilings, hanging panels, grilles, skirting boards, siding, and are often used in indoor elevators and wine coolers. , kitchen furniture, etc., can be combined with aesthetics and practicality.

The coated steel sheet can be applied to the interior and exterior doors of the elevator car. A variety of surface material films create a wide range of situations and atmospheres. Many of the simulated wood grain and stone films are perfectly represented on the coated steel.

Anti-fingerprint stainless steel can also be used in elevator car interiors. The anti-fingerprint coating makes the stainless steel surface easy to clean and maintain. 3H or higher scratch resistance and 2000 hours of salt spray resistance make the stainless steel elevator car interior always bright and new. Anti-fingerprint stainless steel can also be custom-made in color, showing the luxury of vacuum-plated titanium stainless steel. Color-coated anti-fingerprint stainless steel is an economical innovative product that can replace titanium-plated stainless steel.

The advantages of Lienchy Laminated Metal in decorative building materials: Most of the interior decoration materials are mostly made of wood or plastic. The high-quality coated steel products produced by Lienchy Laminated Metal can provide you with better solutions.

  • Enhance the safety of home-based coated steel products by attaching a layer of plastic film to the metal substrate. The plastic film is a flame-resistant secondary material that does not prolong the burning, and the metal does not burn. Therefore, it is widely used in fire doors, ceilings, siding and other applications. Compared with wood or plastic materials, it will greatly enhance the safety of home.

  • Good visual beauty and touch. The general feeling of metal is cold and there is no temperature. The coated metal breaks the impression of this, with rich and individual styles, such as wood, stone, sand, or a variety of wonderful design patterns, to easily create a variety of styles. And the feeling of the film touch is similar to the general decorative material, comfortable and soft.

  • Anti-moist, anti-insect, non-deformable coated metal will not swell and deform under humid environment, and there will be no insects, which can keep the structure intact and improve durability. If the substrate is made of stainless steel, it can effectively increase the age of use and the ability to resist rust and corrosion.

  • It is sturdy and durable, not easy to be damaged. It has a long service life and the plastic products are easy to be brittle. The wood products are prone to decay for a long time. The coated metal has better structural strength and impact resistance than wood or plastic. I believe that people who have heard the story of "Three Little Pigs" know that building a house should be strong and durable, not cheap and convenient. Laminated metal is an effective solution.

  • Convenient construction and better quality Most of the interior decoration is done by manual manual coating after the construction of the structure. The general plane is no problem, but it is not easy to construct at the turning point, and most of them Causes of poor filming occur here, for example, poor adhesion, and artificial processing time will increase a lot. The coated metal produced by Lienchy Laminated Metal can be processed first, and the coated metal can be processed by cutting, stamping, 180-degree bending, etc., and the adhesion is still very good. And it is very suitable for a large number of constructions, which can reduce many costs.

  • Easy to maintain, long-lasting coatings and coatings of new coated metal have been rigorously screened and the quality is very good. Maintenance is also very simple, as long as it is cleaned with water, if there is a slight scratch on the surface, we can use hot air or hot water to recover or repair the surface of the film with the principle of heat shrinkage of the plastic. The original color and texture can still be retained.

Coated steel products are used in interior decoration and can be used in the following situations:
door panels, fire doors, roller doors, garages, cabinets, wine cabinets, ceilings, wall surfaces, storage tanks, freezer, toilet door panels, compartments, indoor elevators, cranes Board, aluminum grille ceiling...etc.

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